Gratitude is something we generally focus on during the Thanksgiving season, but is something we can incorporate into our daily lives for many great benefits.  Studies show that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help you maintain a more positive mood.  Research has shown that people who feel gratitude are happier, report more life satisfaction and less stress.  Grateful people are less likely to be depressed, anxious and lonely.

So, being grateful all year long seems like a great idea when we look at all of the benefits.  Cultivating a sense of gratitude isn’t difficult at all.  Here are some different ideas to help you get starting having an attitude of gratitude.

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal – spend some time every day writing down what you are grateful for– they can be simple things or big things — just try to switch it up every day.
  • “Up” of the Day – this is one I’ve practiced in the past with my husband.  Every night, we would report to the other what our “up” of the day was.  It’s looking at the positive moments of the day that you are grateful for.
  • Say Thanks – send a note, text, e-mail to someone you are grateful for — let them know — this is a win-win interaction.

In the 1954 movie “White Christmas”, Bing Crosby sings a song called “Count Your Blessings.  The main lyrics are “When I’m worried and can’t sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep and fall asleep counting my blessings.  When my bankroll is getting small and I think of when I had none at all, I fall asleep counting my blessings.”  So count and list your blessings and you will feel less stress and more happiness.

In closing, let me tell you how grateful I am for you, my readers, my patients, my friends and family and for the opportunity to help people experience less stress and healthier, more balanced lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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